Intelligent driving

Future trend of science and technology progress will be developed from “Internet” to “Internet of things”, intelligent driving is best carrier for “things interconnection” and “unmanned driving” is the ultimate development direction for car intelligence. Intelligent driving will go into high-speed development period, in the meantime, technology, legislation and industrialization will be promoted as well.

Relying on data processing advantage, Tuopu has entered into core technology field of intelligent vehicle, taking aid-driving as kernel, gradually to trial and assemble senior aid-driving system, then pass from aid-driving to automatic driving, to realize unmanned driving eventually.

Four Intelligent driving assistant systems

Self-adaptive cruise control system

Self-adaptive cruise, also called initiative cruise, its main function is to adapt car speed corresponding to the traffic status, using radar sensor to determine the distance with vehicle ahead. If too close or detect new target, it will slow down initiatively, to ensure keeping safe distance all the time;If there is no car in front, it will accelerate to setting speed, radar system will detect next target automatically. Advantage of self-adaptive cruise is to avoid frequently cancelling and resetting cruise control.

Lane keeping assistant system.

Lane keeping assistant system, also known as lane departure warning system, is mainly composed of camera sensor and processing software, to distinguish the distance between vehicle and road markings (such as lane). When the driver unintentionally (for example, no turn light signal on) depart from the original lane, it can raise alarm 0.5 second before the departure, or remind the driver current departure situation by steering wheel / seat vibration. Vehicle with lane keeping assist system can even help driver to correct direction by the steering wheel motor, to greatly reduce the collision accident caused by the lane deviation.

Automatic Parking

Automatic parking system installed on ordinary vehicles, can automatically control steering wheel via radar transmission system surrounded on the vehicle, to complete parking action.

Anti-collision warning system

A vehicle equipped with Anti-collision warning system will warn the driver when the distance is too close to ahead vehicle. If the driver does not take braking action, system will be involved in driving, to initiatively brake, or even stop the car.