Tuopu actively promotes intelligent manufacturing and adheres to the principles of intelligent and low-carbon design by comprehensively adopting DFM technology and fully utilizing digital technologies such as collaborative robots, AGVs, unmanned warehousing, RFID, machine vision, etc. Tuopu also implements MES management system and quality traceability system to enhance the flexibility and stability of the manufacturing process and provide customers with the best QSTP products and services.

Tuopu’s digitalized plants are committed to achieving comprehensive A-level traceability, comprehensive digital error prevention, and digital production management. They are established by focusing on the core concept of automation + IT management + TPS (Tuopu Production System) tools.

• IBS Intelligent Braking System Digitalized Plant of New Energy Vehicles

• Electronic Pump Valve Digitalized Plant of New Energy Vehicles

• Thermal Management System Digitalized Plant of New Energy Vehicles

• Air Suspension System Digitalized Plant of New Energy Vehicles

• ......

Advanced manufacturing equipment and processes ensure that Tuopu achieves automation and flexible production. As the cornerstone for implementing digital management and building a smart plant at Tuopu, they also contribute to Tuopu's strong capabilities in quality and cost control.