Global Strategy

In order to integrate with the most advanced Automobile R&D technology and adapt to global development requirement, we are continuously expanding our R&D team, R&D field and supporting global projects business, logistics, warehousing. In 2012, we built NA R&D center in Detroit, USA; in 2014, we set up technical support and warehousing Weinheim, Germany; in 2016, we established European technical center in Gothenburg, Sweden, founded manufacturing plant in St. Paulo, Brazil; in 2018, we founded manufacturing plant in Taniung Malim, Malaysia; divisions in other areas are building……

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Innovation Strategy

Take scientific research innovation as Group's core driving force. Tuopu invest no less than 5% of sales amount into fundamental new technical research, learn the newest technique, and promote Tuopu's innovation ability, in order to insure our advantages in automobile industry.

In automobile industry 4.0 era, Tuopu is positively upgrading our software and hardware, to lay the foundation for intelligentized automobile, automatic manufacturing, informationized service and green environment. In 2014, Tuopu built plantfiber material R&D and manufacturing project; in 2015, Tuopu entered piloted driving parts R&D field.

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Sustainable Strategy

Protecting environment is one of the important philosophies of Tuopu, we are trying to devote ourselves to provide more secure, comfortable and environmental friendly products, in the meantime, we also commit ourselves to realize the win-win pattern between economy and environmental sustainable development. Our environmental protection theory is implementing through each steps from plant build, production process to completed products.

When we practise environmental protection, we also endeavor to use the same method with products R&D. We promote products’ performance, to reduce carbon emission. We use more environmental material, to produce more secure products and process. We try our best to protect ecological balance, and to guarantee their sustainable development.